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I know that, by this point, there are not that many of you willing to listen to every playlist I post, almost daily… but Lydia has been giving me so many feels. #TEAMLYDIA.

So this is the Non-Indie version of the Lyckham playlist. [LISTEN HERE]. Oh, and this is also an attempt of converting everyone into Joss Stone’s volcano of awesomeness.

01. Be OK - Ingrid Michaelson. "i just wanna be okay today / i just wanna feel something today / open me up and you will see / i’m a gallery of broken hearts / i’m beyond repair, let me be / and give me back my broken parts"

02. Unwell - Matchbox Twenty. "i’m not crazy / i’m just a little unwell / i know right now you can’t tell / but stay a while and maybe then you’ll see / a different side of me / i’m not crazy / i’m just a little impaired / i know right now you don’t care / but soon enough you’re gonna think of me / and how i used to be / me”

03. Give Me Some Love - James Blunt. "mine is not a heart of a stone / i am only skin and bone / those little pieces are little pieces of my own / why don’t you give me some love / i’ve taken a ship-load of drugs / i’m so tired of never fixing the pain / valium said to me / i’ll take you seriously / and we’ll come back as someone else / who’s better than yourself"

04. Young At Heart - Joss Stone. "you’re wasting your time / trying to tear us apart / you can’t stop our plans / we were destined from the start / he loves me / i love him / and even though were young at heart / you’re the one in denial"

05. P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care) - John Legend. "you know, i love it when you’re loving me / sometimes it’s better when it’s publicly / i’m not ashamed, I don’t care who sees // let’s make love / let’s go somewhere, they might discover us // i don’t care about propriety / let’s break the rules, ignore society”

06. Stoned Out Of My Mind - Joss Stone. baby, when i found out you were lying / playing around and conniving / undesired tears i was crying / sugar coated lies i was buying / i was just a backseat driver / in a car of love / going wherever you take me / don’t know why i put up with the pain / cause nobody else can make me / you’ve got me stoned out of my mind / you’ve got me going out of my mind

07. Your Heart Is As Black As Night - Melody Gardot. "your eyes may be whole / but the story i’m told is / your heart is as black as night / your lips may be sweet / such that i can’t compete / but your heart is as black as night"

08. War Of My Life - John Mayer. “i’m in the war of my life / at the door of my life / out of time and there’s nowhere to run / …if fear hasn’t killed me yet / then nothing will”

09. Marching On - OneRepublic. "for those days we felt like a mistake / those times when love’s what you hate / somehow, we keep marching on / there’s so many wars we fought / there’s so many things we’re not / but with what we have / i promise you that / we’re marching on"