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I was going to wait untill the Lydia problem was resolved to post this… but I’m super addicted to my own playlist. And I’m an anxious person. So here is something for your weekend.

Listen to [Go! Don’t Stop Now! Go!] in which Dizzie let go of their fears and succumb to the sexual tension making all of the fandom (and Gigi) happy.

01. Creature Fear & Team - Bon Iver. ”[i’m] so ready for us / so ready for us / oh, creature fear /…so many territories ready to reform / don’t let it form us / don’t let it form us, the creature fear”

02. Where I’m Waking - Slow Club. i can see you looking at me / you got the brains i got the body / whisper loud then speak it softly / what it is you’re wanting from me / …i can feel you getting closer / don’t think about when things get older / just let me call you by your name / got to be outside to get cold in the rain “

03. Down River - The Temper Trap. "finally / we have seen some things / some awfully nice / some dreadfully bad / but we will sing / wash the blood, off our knees / ‘cause our love breaks / through ruff seas, our ship will sail it / …walk these stairs / put the pieces back together / GO! DON’T STOP NOW! GO!"

04. Howl - Florence + The Machine. "if you could only see the beast you’ve made of me / i held it in but now it seems you’ve set it running free / screaming in the dark, i howl when we’re apart / drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart / my fingers claw your skin, try to tear my way in / you are the moon that breaks the night for which i have to howl / …i want to find you, tear out all of your tenderness"

05. Sadie Hawkins Day - Yip Deceiver. "oh, we’ve been so cold / we’re gonna be torn at the insides / …oh, come on already / act like you want me / dance like you’ve got more soul (thank you for this one, gigi)

06. Put Your Hands On Me - Joss Stone. "i guess I’m picky with love / well baby i give it up, it’s you i choose / and don’t keep me waiting  / this girl’s got things she needs to do /…put your hands on me, baby"

07. Sun Hands - Local Natives. i want to lift my hands towards the ‘sun’ / show me warmth / baby, won’t you show me warmth again? / and when i can feel with my sun hands / i’ll promise not to lose her again / and even if the morning never comes / my hands are blessed to have touched the ‘sun’”

08. Dropped - Phantom Planet. "i can swear i feel the beating of a cold, cold heart / or there’s a chill ‘cause it’s showing through your clothing / and as far as i can tell there’s nothing underneath your v-neck tee / i’m begging, i’m begging / i’m begging you, please now / tell me that how you want me / tell me that you need me / won’t you stop teasing me? / won’t you take it easy? / tell me ‘cause I’d like to know"

09. Do You Mind - The XX. "do you mind if i take you home tonight / stay another day, if that’s okay / tell me baby /  would you mind if i take you home with me / where no one can see, so don’t be shy"

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