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Lawrence Rush’s: Pride and Prejudice The Musical

01. Wedding Bells.
02. I Can Wait.
03. The Way He Held My Hand.
04. That Bennet Girl.
05. Those Eyes.
06. Mr. Collins’ Proposal.
07. Forget Him.
08. Brighton.
09. All I Need.
10. Darcy’s Proposal.
11. I Don’t Know My Heart.
12. I’m Not Well.
13. If He Asked Me Again.
14. All I See.

Listen: [8tracks]
Download: [Complete Score]
Learn more: [Official Site]

Score: Lawrence Rush.
Performers: Aron Accurso, Ron Bohmer, Tracy Bidleman, Matt Castle, Gretchen Goldsworthy, Rod Gomez, Amy Justman, Susan Lewis, Nora Mae Lyng, Kristin Maloney, Gayla Morgan, Liam Mulligan, Brian Norris, Conrad Osborne, Laura Osnes, Jessica Rush, Lawrence Rush and Lucy Sorensen.
Orchestration: Matt Castle and Frank Galgano.
Recorded at Millrose Music, NYC

Lindsay Warren Baker & Amanda Jacobs’: Pride and Prejudice The Musical.

01. Choices: First Impressions.
02. When I Fall in Love.
03. My Dearest Jane (First Letter).
04. He Thinks/ She Thinks.
05. I Aim to Please.
06. My Dream.
07. The Netherfield Ball.
08. My Poor Nerves.
09. Not Romantic.
10. Had I Been in Love.
11. I Can’t Resist a Redcoat.
12. The Portrait Song.
13. Miss Bennet.
14. Fine Eyes.

Listen: [8tracks]
Download: [Complete Score]
Learn more: [Official site]

Score: Lindsay Warren Baker & Amanda Jacobs.
Performers: Donna Lynne Champlin, Laura Osnes, Eric Ulloa, Sebastian Arcelus, Patty Goble, Jim Stanek, Jacque Carnahan, Kat Palardy, Jennifer Waiser, Sarah Dacey Charles, Michael Scott, Sarah Dacey Charles, Anne Letscher, Marguerite Willbanks, Matthew Schneider and Jon Reinhold.
Recording Engineer: Christopher Allen.
Recorded at Sear Sound (New York, NY)

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